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Sarreguemines Fa´encerie with Pictures of Kate Greeneway and Fromentin Richard

There is always a general confusion what is ' Enfants Richard' and Kate Greenaway. There are two series of fa´encery from the

Sarreguemines factory: One called 'Enfants Richard' with drawings of the French designer Fromentin Richard and a series with

drawings of the English designer Kate Greenaway. Both designers were mainly illustrators of children's books.

Fromentin Richard did also other series of faïencery for Sarreguemines. A series with little angels, a series with little

dancing girls and numerous wall disks (Faïence parlante ) with his drawings.

Also the name Sarreguemines is often misspelled with Sarrequemines. Sarreguemines is a town in the Vosges.

This part of France was often a reason for war between France and Germany. The Vosges was long time ago a

part of the land of German speaking people. The original name of the city was Saargemünde (mouth of the river Saar).

The French have corrupted it into Sarreguemines. As soon as the Germans took the land back

they changed the name to Saargemünde again. This is the reason of the two names often occur.

The factory of Sarreguemines and the markings are very nicely described in French, English and German in the book :


Another reference to the Sarreguemines factory is the museum of Sarreguemines.

Visit this nice site about faïence.


About Fromentin Richard (or is it Richard Fromentin ?) It is very much appreciated if anyone can tell more about him.

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